The Grotto, a large cavernous water opening to the ocean on the northern end of the island, is undeniably the most popular and most desired dive site on Saipan. A beautiful sunken pool connected to the ocean by underwater passages. The sunlight shining on the ocean outside the cave gives the water its amazing deep blue color with typical visability of 100 plus feet. From here, there are three different exit holes to the sea. Turtles, sharks, and wrasse, are some of the many types of sea life to be seen at this magnificent dive site. The Grotto has been called the world's second-best diving site.

Bird Island is perhaps the most breathtaking view in Saipan. The little island is home to thousands of birds, hence the name. You can see sea turtles from this overlook.

American Memorial Park honors the American and Marianas people who gave their lives during the Marianas Campaign of World War II. Over 5000 names are inscribed on a memorial which was dedicated June 15, 1994, during the 50th anniversary of the Invasion of Saipan. As a "living memorial", the park offers activities, such as baseball, bicycling, running, tennis, picnicking, and swimming, enjoyed over half a century ago by American service men and women. Within the 133-acre boundary are beaches, sports fields, picnic sites, boat marinas, playgrounds, walkways, and a 30-acre wetland and mangrove forest.

If you love plants and fruits, or your just a nature-lover at heart, then a visit to the Saipan Botanical Garden will be something you'll enjoy. The botanical gardens provides a look into the different local plants and fruits which grow on Saipan. In addition, other species of plants from around the world are also grown in the botanical garden so visitors can experience a wide variety in this one garden. There is a small entrance fee to enter the Saipan Botanical Garden but it is well worth it, especially for nature lovers. You can find here Green iguanas and tropical lizards.

Святилище Богоматери. Легенда утверждает, что это место открылось немецкому священнику в божественном видении еще во времена Испанского правления. Позже христиане, приходившие сюда молиться, воздвигли статую Богоматери. Рядом с алтарем под открытым небом находится единственный на Сайпане родник пресной воды, названный «святой водой Богоматери». Коренные жители верят в чудесные лечебные свойства воды из этого родника. Во время Второй Мировой Войны это место было единственным, избежавшим бомбежки.

Banzai Cliff, Suicide Cliff. This natural and scenic attraction is located in Marpi and is the northernmost point on the island of Saipan. The area makes for a refreshing stop to view the ocean and cliff line in the northern region of Saipan. There are a number of shrines dedicated to the people, mostly Japanese soldiers, who died here during World War II when they jumped off the cliff to their deaths rather than being captured by United States forces. With its tragic history and scenic views this Saipan attraction is on of the more well-known attractions on the island.

Mount Tapochau is the highest point on the island of Saipan, rising 474 meters (1554 ft) above sea level. The lookout point at the top offers stunning views of the azure colored ocean in every direction. Because of this amazing vantage point, Mount Tapochau was a strategic outpost during World War II. There are several informative plaques placed along the hiking trail that describe the views below, and how these sights were involved in the war. There is a dirt road going to the top, though it can be difficult to access without a 4-wheel drive vehicle, especially after a heavy rain.

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